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Lovestruck Icons' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Lovestruck Icons

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CLOSED [21/12/05
7:53 am]
That's right, this journal has been closed. It will, however, remain here for those who wish to view my older icons.

I have made a new icon community, afterpartyicons, so all should feel free to go and join there, where I'll be posting my latest icons.

Friend me, unfriend me, I don't really mind.

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060 [05/11/05
6:15 am]
As you may have already noticed, my bandwith has exceeded on PhotoBucket. So you won't be able to see any icons til the end of the month.

If anybody can suggest a better free upload service thing, let me know. Or if anybody can offer me any space on their domain to upload my icons to, let me know.

Otherwise, have a nice month :)
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059 [27/10/05
6:59 am]
18 x Text/quote icons

it's filling me with all you mean to meCollapse )
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058 [24/10/05
9:24 pm]
13 x POA in 15 Minutes

love as fragile as a wineglassCollapse )
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057 [11/10/05
8:24 pm]
13 x Mary Kate and Ashley icons
4 x Rachel McAdams icons

i'd like to see you when the summer sun sets downCollapse )
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056 [17/09/05
11:08 pm]
19 x Lyric/quote icons
5 x Mary Kate and Ashley icons

you're just like a dreamCollapse )
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055 [03/09/05
10:51 am]
15 x Charlie and the Chocolate Factory icons
4 x Lyric/quote icons

so stay up all night, just to say you are tiredCollapse )
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054 [22/08/05
8:20 pm]
22 x Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen icons
20 x Clueless icons
1 x Lindsay Lohan icon

i'm scared to death to find out what you think of meCollapse )
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053 [19/08/05
8:27 pm]
28 x Mary Kate and Ashley icons
14 x Hilary Duff icons
4 x Katie Holmes icons

i don't blame you for walking away; i'd do the same if i saw meCollapse )

Comment + credit lovestruckicons = love <3

Affiliates are wanted ♥
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052 [19/08/05
8:22 am]
16 x Benny & Joon icons
20 x The Butterfly Effect icons

i'm not into the idea of being without youCollapse )
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050 [19/08/05
4:30 am]
10 x Lindsay Lohan icons

i am yours, and you are mineCollapse )
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049 [17/08/05
10:08 pm]
4 Lindsay Lohan icons

where you're going is where i wanna beCollapse )
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048 [17/08/05
7:02 am]
23 Lyric/quote icons
4 Mary Kate and Ashley icons

happy is all you make me, and things are gonna get better, babyCollapse )
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047 [16/08/05
4:23 pm]
28 x Lyric/quote icons
4 x Nature icons

i deconstruct my thoughts at this pianoCollapse )
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046 [13/08/05
9:27 pm]
23 x Lyric/quote icons

just one more year, and you'll cease to regretCollapse )
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045 [07/08/05
7:39 pm]
12 x Lyric/quote icons

as far as i remember, you weren't half badCollapse )
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044 [06/08/05
3:33 pm]
27 x Mary Kate and Ashley icons
3 x New York Minute icons
3 x Lyric/quote icons

i'm not the type to forget about nights like thisCollapse )
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043 [05/08/05
4:06 pm]
Okay, so I post saying my Dad's had a stroke, I'm having problems, I'll never do requests again, blah blah blah.

And I get this crap?!

I'm sorry, but what the fuck.
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042 [31/07/05
7:01 am]
Remember that icon meme a few entries back? Yes, well forget about it. I got about.. 10 of the icons done, which I'll be posting later. I'm not making anymore. My dad had a stroke yesterday and I'm in no mood to fill requests.

I'm sick of requests. It's a possibility that I'll never take them again. Unless they're for lyric/quote icons, which, by the way, I will not make for you if I've already said requests have closed, or if I haven't even said anything about requests. It's just rude.

Anyway, I don't know. I might make some lyric/quote icons soon, but that's about all you should expect. I'm doing crap in school at the moment so I'm hardly on during the week, and then my weekends are filled with seeing my boyfriend or my friends. And yeah, a lot of family shit's been going down. My Dad having a stroke has just added to all of that. Plus, I've got my own problems which I won't go into.

So I don't know when I'll update next. Anybody who's interested can add my personal journal deliquescent, and I'll add you back.

But yeah. Sorry if you were hanging out for icons anytime soon.

PS: My bandwith on my domain has exceeded, so most of the icons in the memories aren't showing up right now, but they'll be up on the 1st of August again.
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041 [19/07/05
9:30 pm]
11 x Lyric/quote icons (requested)

tonight i'll take what i can getCollapse )
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